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job/career switch
When one of our clients makes a job move, it typically sets in motion a series of complex decisions and actions. We are intimately involved in the execution of the new and departing employment agreements, exercise of stock options, restricted stock, deferred compensation, retirement funds, life insurance and benefit plans along with a variety of perks. In some cases, our clients have moved from private industry to high-profile public positions, requiring a myriad of complex financial disclosure documents. We complete all of the financial disclosure requirements in conjunction with the normal separation of service issues described previously.
We are intimately involved in all phases of estate planning, including the creation and management of various trusts and foundations. The decision making process for estate planning is complex and often emotionally charged. Our deep understanding and long-term relationships with our clients allows us to offer meaningful insight and guidance.
We are often asked to serve as executor and trustee given our familiarity with our clients’ objectives. Ongoing communication with our clients’ estate attorneys is an essential component of our management service.

estate planning

Whether you are an existing client dealing with the financial complications of a marital dissolution, or someone for whom we have no pre-existing relationship, we are able to add great value throughout this very difficult and emotional period.
We’ve developed an expertise in working through complicated equitable distribution issues during separation proceedings and representing either one or both sides of the marriage.
Having developed relationships with many of the finest matrimonial attorneys in New York, we provide the necessary financial analysis to help the “moneyed” or “non-moneyed” spouse determine their income and liquidity needs, and which marital assets will help achieve these results.
In many cases, the non-moneyed spouse has little or no experience managing wealth, so we are able to help that individual begin their new independent financial life with everything from check writing to estate planning.

matrimonial management

As is so often the case when children of high net worth individuals mature, expectations of both generations can be misunderstood, leading to miscommunication and conflict. With such an intimate knowledge of the finances and objectives of our clients, and a strong interest in maintaining family harmony, we are able to broker/mediate many family conflicts.

family resolution/communication breakdown

We’ve developed an expertise in orchestrating and overseeing home building and renovation projects. For existing clients, or one-off referrals from real estate agents or attorneys, we manage the finances of the project and coordinate with the architect, contractor, designer and outside engineers. Should some or the entire project be financed, we work with lending institutions throughout the project to secure a facility and manage its use. All payments are made through our office, all invoices are approved by us, detailed accounting records are maintained and all conflicts and timing issues are managed by our office. As part of our efforts, we meet regularly with all members of the project and do site visits.

home building/renovation financial management


Given our broad experience and strong contacts in the financial/business community, we are often able to move our clients to action. In some cases, clients are busy creating new ventures where the basics of entity formation, accounting systems and banking are needed. In other cases, clients have long-established, successful businesses that need some form of reorganization. We help our clients identify the proper team of bankers, attorneys and investors to execute an effective and successful path to growth.



Braun Business Management provides a comprehensive range of

customized business management and family office services.

We are ready to assist you with everything from personal record

keeping and bill paying to tax planning and long term financial

strategies in a simple and fully integrated manner. The scope of

our client relationships varies based on individual situations.

Here are the primary services we provide:

  • Development and implementation of financial goals and budgets

  • Tax structuring, planning and compliance

  • Cash flow management

  • Financial reporting and projections

  • Attend meetings with you and your investment advisors to assure                                                                                            compliance with your asset allocation objectives.

  • Estate and succession planning (in conjunction with outside estate counsel)

  • Retirement planning

  • Risk management and insurance planning

  • Debt management and arrangement of financing

  • Coordination of charitable activities

  • Bill paying and domestic payroll services

  • Financial decision making (including analysis of major acquisitions and dispositions and financial issues arising from significant life events such as employment changes, marital dissolutions, inheritance and home construction/renovation)

  • Numerous other personalized services

how we can help you

We are an independent financial management firm providing objective advice on all aspects of financial affairs to wealthy individuals and families for more than 30 years. We deliver unbiased, conflict-free advice and direction to each of our clients. Our practice has been built on long-term client relationships deeply rooted in trust.
We partner with a strong team of outside professionals to deliver the finest and most secure strategic planning for you and your family. All of this is delivered to you with the highest level of personal service, professionalism and confidentiality.
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